Not your typical politician

Jeffrey Hank is a 32-year old idealist. He is a progressive, independent-minded reform candidate, a dedicated civil libertarian and constitutional rights attorney, a pragmatist, a realist, a man interested in science, reason, and good governance. Hank aims to restore greatness to this country and smash the false paradigms of money controlling politics and the failed policies of the status quo. It is time to oppose tyranny, injustice, ignorance, corruption and secretive government, and return this country to a positive discourse and a direction of prosperity, independence, honor, integrity, and an open government that works for the People. It is time to find solutions to problems, to rise above petty partisanship, and to stand for the progress and advancement of America and the human race. Hank is not your typical politician. Hank is campaigning on the merits of ideas and is not a "safe answer" politician. Hank is focused on positivity and does not need to tear others down to build himself up. Hank is not focused on short-term election cycles, but rather on cutting through gridlock and empowering Americans with solutions to our common problems. Hank's number one goal is improving the quality of life of all citizens and elevating America to the top tier in all quality of life indices. A lifelong resident of the 8th District, Hank is the candidate for all voters.

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"We need statesmen, not politicians." Jeffrey hank



Jeffrey Hank

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